Getaway vacation help help guide to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Int’l Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson is tourists which are advising arrive at the airport hours that are 2.5-3 their flights.

You may need time that is construction has blocked off thousands of spaces in the domestic terminal parking decksFind that is extra: Becauseoften reach capacity, the airport’s parking lots

  • , pressing individuals to find elsewhere for spaces. Shuttle answer may also be operated less frequently than you’re used to, requiring longer waits.
  • Check bags: During peak periods, travelers may encounter lines that are long airfare ticket counters to test bags.special assistanceGet
  • : Some wheelchair contractors that are handling short-staffed, requiring longer waits. Airport officials are advising passengers who need wheelchair service to arrive four hours early.Exacerbating the situationGo through security: Hartsfield-Jackson is warning that security delays on regular times can lot attain a more than 20-30 mins, and even longer during maximum vacation vacation times. massive revamp of the main security checkpoint is really a, with a lanes that are few straight down for building. That’s lines that are causing are long sometimes stretch through the terminal and into baggage claim areas. TSA PreCheck and lines that are clear additionally get long during hectic times. You will get web revisions on parking and security delay times at
  • .may be limitedBuy meals or drinks: Concessions
  • and the ones which are available might have lengthy outlines for food during top durations.

    Credit: Natrice Miller /

    Credit: Natrice Miller /

    WHAT TO PACKno longer federally required in airports or on planesMasks are

    .Transportation Security Administration allows extra flexibility for hand sanitizerThe liquids. You at checkpoints, allowing one container as much as 12 oz. of hand sanitizer per traveler in carry on bags. You will have to enable time that is security that is extra the container becoming screened individually, as it’s bigger than the standard restriction of 3.4 oz. on various other bring disinfecting wipes may also

    in carry on bags to wipe straight down areas into the airport or in the jet, if desired. Give sanitizer and wipes which are disinfecting also permitted in checked bags.Hartsfield-Jackson still tops nation in guns found at airport checkpoints

    Explorecheck TSA’s websiteMake yes you don’t bring limited resources or just about any other services and products in your bags. You are going to

    to perfect what’s forbidden.considered liquidsTSA suggests people stay away from gift ideas which are wrapping feasible. A security officer shall need to unwrap it to determine if it is a security threat if a wrapped item triggers an alarm during screening. Jams, jellies and syrups tend to be* that is( and may not preserve keep on bags in case container is larger than 3.4 oz.

    PARKINGconstruction to shore up the domestic terminal decksParking is causing frustrations for a number of folks as a consequence of

    . The airport features really obstructed down tens of thousands of parking spaces to execute the job, when parking porches and lots through the terminal this is certainly domestic up, motorists selecting spots get switched away.

    Economy parking nearby the terminal today costs $14 some time parking that is daily $19 a day day. Hourly parking costs $3 each full time with regards to first and hours which are 2nd

    There are also alternatives, and it also helps you to prepare forward and stay ready.MARTA websiteConsider using MARTA towards the airport. A train can be taken by you to the MARTA Airport Station inside the terminal that is domestic. A stations that are few the Red Line and Gold Line have long-term parking for $5 or $8 per day. Find more information on the

    .check with your off-airport parking lot operatorThere are a variety of off-airport parking lots along Camp Creek Parkway and other locations around the airport. It’s a idea that is good

    for almost any modifications or guidelines that are brand-new. Private off-airport parking lots can also fill up, quickly and may turn away motorists who don’t have a reservation. Consider booking a space online at a lot that is private is off-airport

    Two new airport-run parking choices established in 2021: The ATL western deck along with the ATL Select parking ATL West parking deckThe allows you to pay via Peach Pass at 4199 SkyTrain Method in university Park is connected to the terminal that is domestic SkyTrain and ATL Select park-ride lot. It costs $16 a which is more than economy parking but less than daily parking.

    The day New* that is( is situated at 1800 Sullivan path in university Park, an innovative alternative that is new the

    The ATL choose good deal rates ten dollars almost every day for uncovered parking, which is comparable expense as Park Ride tremendous amount C this is certainly also these days readily available. ATL Select covered parking rates $14 a-day, the price this is certainly economy that is same.

    While the ATL West deck and ATL Select lot offer more spaces, they sometimes reach capacity.relocated its cell phone lot.

    CELL PHONE LOT CHANGETerminal SouthHartsfield-Jackson has

    The new cellphone lot is farther from the terminal, but more centrally located for motorists going to both

    and Terminal North to pick up friends or family arriving on flights.

    “Meeter-greeters” can now wait in a lot west of the terminal, with the cell that is new deal that is good a feature for the hold lot employed by taxi and shuttle motorists. Motorists should follow indications to your cellphone deal that is good discussion boards along airport roadways.

    AIRPORT SECURITYCT (computed tomography) machinesHartsfield-Jackson has actually three checkpoints into the terminal that is domestic including the Main checkpoint, the North checkpoint, and an expanded South checkpoint.automated smart lanesIf you’re a PreCheck member, go to the South checkpoint, which has

    at Main checkpoint has several lanes closed due to construction. Non-PreCheck members can use the Main or North checkpoints.

    The credential authentication technology, causing wait times of 40 minutes or more during busy periods, with long lines and backup through the terminal. Passengers may be routed to another location that is certain the terminal to own prearranged for security evaluating.

    TSA uses

    to picture that is scan at checkpoints at Hartsfield-Jackson and lots of various other airports. The technology can better detect IDs this is certainly deceptive is attached to a database that is pre-screening ensure journey details without checking a boarding pass.check the airport’s website at for security wait timesSECURITY LINE ALTERNATIVES:

    Standard, PreCheck and Clear. You’ll



    Standard TSA outlines require people to eliminate their coats that are particular footwear and products; simply take permitted liquids far from carry-ons, and eliminate huge products which are electronicincluding pills and laptop computers) from bags.TSA PreCheck lines TSA PRECHECK:

    The recently reduced the cost to enroll in PreCheckat the terminal this is certainly domestic at the Southern checkpoint, in the place of through the checkpoint that is principal they will be in days gone by.

    TSA PreCheck provides screening that is expedited with the chance to keep on your shoes, belt and jacket and leave liquids in your suitcase. TSA

    to $78 for five years, down from $85. It still costs $70 to renew online.apply onlineTSA Has travelers that are encouraged signup for PreCheck to obtain through testing better and minimize touchpoints like the want to manage a bin in a few complete cases.

    You can

    Biometric ID technology firm Clear and create a consultation at a PreCheck enrollment center.

    CLEAR:Clear line at the South checkpoint features especially designated security outlines due to its folks at Hartsfield-Jackson. Year the business offers subscriptions for $189 a with discounts for Delta SkyMiles members. Clear members at the checkpoint can verify their identities through an iris scan.


    is now for preCheck-enrolled members that are clear. The line that is clear the Main checkpoint is for non-PreCheck Clear members going through standard security.


    Most of the lanes at the Transportation Security Administration’s security that is tend that is domestic be computerized evaluation lanes.

    1. The “smart” automated evaluation lanes are generally geared towards speeding the process that is entire of testing, nevertheless they have to have a process that is different travelers and can take some getting used to.
    2. If you are in the terminal that is domestic an testing that is automatic with larger pots and product conveyors, here’s what you should know:
    3. If you’re next in range plus some associated with bin-loading programs opens up, have a look at it. Don’t just wait behind any person ahead of you if you find an station this is certainly bare.
    4. Everything must get into a bin, including roll-aboard suitcases as well as other carry on baggage. And get conscious that oversized carry on baggage fit this is certainly won’t and though the pots are generally 25% larger.

      Push the container forward. Then stroll through the checkpoint one to finish.delayed plans to start requiring travelers to have “Real ID” designated driver licenses or IDsIf a bin’s items must be manually screened, it really is instantly bumped up to an conveyor that is alternate for an officer’s inspection— you don’t have to wait for the person in front of. If your bin clears the X-ray machine, retrieve your belongings on the other side as usual.


      Amid the pandemic that is COVID-19 the government that is us*) to own through airport security checkpoints. The ID” that is“Real will take effect May now 3, 2023. Most Georgia drivers have the updated Real ID licenses with a star in the top corner that is right people that have older permits that aren’t Real ID compliant should get brand new permits during airline travel in might 2023 or later on.

      Credit Them: Alyssa Pointer /

      Credit if they plan to use: Alyssa Pointer / Alyssa.Pointer@ajc.comart and exhibits on display between concourses.


      There are now

      to your top degrees of the Terminal Southern and Terminal North parking porches. Just take elevators or stairs up from the parking porches to achieve the pedestrian bridges that connect with the terminal.not yet fully reopened with regular hours.Airport officials recommend passengers think about walking for their concourse through the walkways that are underground of taking the Plane Train people-mover, to avoid crowds and reduce congestion on the train. The airport’s Transportation Mall underground walkways have information on its websiteDue to construction of a Plane Train extension and new escalators and elevators, travelers who arrive on flights in Atlanta and need to use elevators (such as for strollers or wheelchairs) must exit at Concourse T. During certain nighttime construction periods, all travelers must walk from Concourse T to the terminal that is luggage claim that is domestic. Take notice for sees in connection with Plane Train and indications that direct individuals to baggage claim.

      CONCESSIONSseparate some food from carry-ons for screening in X-ray machines.

      Some concessions through the airport have actually really

      the people available sporadically have actually usually outlines or delays for dishes. Hartsfield-Jackson features actually

      through which concessions are generally readily available.change their travel plans.

      If you obtain dishes to the terminal this is certainly domestic going right through safety, know that you can not deliver fluids of greater than 3.4 oz. through the safety checkpoint and officials may ask tourists to (you may bring an water that is empty from home and fill it up at filling stations on the concourses, or you can buy a beverage after passing through security.started boarding many of its domestic flights earlierAIRLINES

      You*)Although you can’t bring beverages through screening may use airlines apps that are websites to check in online and seek customer service, reducing touchpoints and crowds at the airport.

      Major carriers including Delta that is atlanta-based Air have

      , making it simpler for individuals to

      • Delta in Summer
      • to boost overall performance this is certainly on-time. The journey improved the time that is full for boarding single-aisle, narrow-body airplanes to 40 mins from 35 mins.
      • If You have a Delta Sky Club membership or plan to visit a Sky Club through your travel, know that many of them have traditionally outlines and wait times to enter during top durations. The rebound in vacation along with extensions of elite flier this is certainly regular through the pandemic is obstruction that is causing the airport lounges.
      • Southwest
      • American
      • Frontier
      • Spirit


      • United
      • Alaska Airlines
      • Boutique Airlines
      • Southern Airways Express
      • Delta
      • Air Canada
      • Air France
      • British Airways
      • Copa Airlines
      • KLM
      • Korean Air


      The airport has an Uber/Lyft Rideshare Pickup Zone near the Terminal North economy lotQatar Airways

      Turkish Airlines

      Virgin Atlantic

      UBER, LYFT PICKUP ZONES:(*), of a walk that is five-minute the terminal.(*)There are no Uber and Lyft pickup areas at Terminal South. Drop-offs before your flight will still be at curbside.(*)To get to the Rideshare Pickup Zone, walk-through the North this is certainly baggage that is terminal then take an escalator down to the lower level. Exit out to the orange and curbside that is follow to walk through the entire crosswalk, go into the parking deck, modification left through the indicator and adhere to the trail. Look at another crosswalk to your pickup request and area your ride then after turning up.(*)Find much more travel tips at (*)

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